I just had something new and interesting show up in my YouTube suggested videos. It’s a cover of a song called ‘Jolene’ by Dolly Parton done in Medieval style.

Now I don’t listen to Dolly Parton and I don’t even like any of her music. I do have a few country songs on my main Spotify playlist, but they’re pretty rare. This, however, is something very new and awesome.

First you have to listen to a bit of the original song. Here’s a rendition by Pentatonix with Dolly Parton. This is for context; I don’t really care for it.

Now listen to this.

Apparently this is something called ‘Bardcore’. Who knew?

I went and listened to a bunch of these Medieval covers of pop songs. This one is far and away the best thing I heard. They’ve done a great job of the music, the lyrics (actually good medieval grammar), the instrumentation, the vocals… everything. I’m impressed.

I really doubt if I’m going to listen to a lot of Bardcore, but this is well done.

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