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Geogebra: Free, open source, online math visualization software
SageMath: Free, open source, professional math research and education software
KhanAcademy: Kindergarten to University math instruction, practice and testing, all for free. This is an excellent resource!


MuseScore: World-class, free, open source music notation software
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LibreOffice is an excellent replacement for Microsoft Office. It includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, diagram drawing and equation editing components. It can open and save in Microsoft formats and PDF natively.

Adobe Creative Cloud alternatives#

Adobe CC App Alternative Quality Cost Details
Photoshop Affinity Photo* Excellent One-time purchase Often goes on sale
InDesign/Illustrator Affinity Designer Excellent One-time purchase
InDesign/XD Affinity Publisher Excellent One-time purchase
Premiere/After Effects DaVinci Resolve Excellent Free
Premiere/After Effects DaVinci Resolve Studio Excellent One-time purchase Commercial version of DaVinci Resolve
Dreamweaver VSCodium Excellent FOSS*
Photoshop GIMP Very Good FOSS GNU Image Manipulation Program
InDesign Scribus Good FOSS Get version 1.5.x
Illustrator Inkscape Very Good FOSS Vector graphics drawing
Lightroom darktable Excellent FOSS
Audition Audacity Good FOSS Does most of what you need
Photoshop/Illustrator Krita Excellent FOSS Digital painting
Animator Synfig Studio Excellent FOSS
Animator Pencil2D Excellent FOSS Hand-drawn animation

* Affinity software actually covers a lot of ground, doing a lot of what Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and XD do.
* FOSS = Free and Open Source

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